3 Needham Officers Hospitalized For Fentanyl Exposure

Three Needham police officers were hospitalized early Friday for fentanyl
exposure while arresting a couple for drug charges.

Needham police were routinely surveying the area when they spotted a
suspicious vehicle. “We know they were exposed because it was in a
container and at some point, that container was open and that was when the
exposure happened,” Schlittler said on Friday.

“With a substance like this that’s so dangerous, the effect it can have
immediately on our officers and other people around — we take the greatest
level of precautions, we called the HAZMAT (team) to render the substance
safe or contained the best we can.”

The CDC finds that in just three months it had been confirmed that fentanyl
is the deadliest drug in America. A new report that found the rate of
fentanyl overdoses spiked more than 1,000 percent from 2011 through 2016,
to 18,335 overdose fatalities in 2016.