No, only the OPI (opiate) strip would be positive.
All drug test devices can be stored at room temperature up to the date of expiration printed on the individual foil pouch. They cannot be stored in extreme heat or cold and must remain sealed in the foil pouch until use.
It is always important to collect a sufficient amount of specimen in case of a non-negative result. The confirmation laboratory requires a minimum of 15ml of specimen but prefers 30ml for urine testing. For saliva, it is 2ml.
All of our drug screens can easily be sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory if requested. Call us directly for assistance.
The amount of time for results to remain stable varies according to the rapid test device. Typically a test takes 3 to 5 minutes to find an answer and the results are stable for up to an hour.
Cutoff for THC is much lower via the confirmation method. Low result may not be enough to be detected within a cup.

No. Adderall would only test positive for amphetamine.